Microsoft’s Bing increased U.S. market share to nearly 28 percent, up 6 percent

W00t! Microsoft’s Bing bites Google back, jumps 6% as noted by  today in the Seattle Times…

“Microsoft’s underdog search engine saw a jump in market share over the last month, increasing its U.S. market share 6 percent, according to an Experian Hitwise report today. Google’s U.S. market share fell 2 percent over the same period. No doubt it’s because Bing was siphoning off searches for terms like torsorapy and mbzrxpgjys.”









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Looking for Windows Phone 7 apps? Try Bing Visual Search Gallery

As I noted in a post yesterday in a few tips on what to know about moving to a new Windows Phone 7, there are a number of apps available for the platform – with many of the apps I’ve been using over the last couple of years. But I was wondering how to look for new apps when I’m not on the phone but on my computer.

Well, you can. There’s an app… er, a Bing page for that.

As noted on the Windows Team Blog on Windows Phone, you can search the catalog of apps via the Bing Visual Search Gallery for Windows Phone 7 apps

The gallery, available in the U.S. and U.K, lets you check out our app catalog using your web browser. See something you want? Bing can take you straight to the app in Zune Marketplace, where you can download it to your phone. (For this to work, you’ll need the Zune software installed on your PC.)

Picture of Bing Visual Search for Windows Phone 7 apps

If you’re thinking about buying a Windows Phone, this new addition to Bing’s Visual Search lineup makes it easier to see what popular apps are available—or to look up a specific app using the Search box. (Fun fact: You can also use Bing Visual Search to research Windows Phone 7 handsets.)

Explore Windows Phone 7 apps on Bing Visual Search

YouTube    Facebook   Xbox LIVE Extras   Adobe® Reader®   See Them All

See All the Windows Phone 7 Apps on Bing


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Support options for FAST Enterprise Search

image Next on my list customer and partner challenge or issue per day is FAST, which Microsoft acquired in April of 2008… FAST Search & Transfer, to be specific…

"Today, Enterprise Search from Microsoft offers best-in-class technologies and cutting-edge innovations that fuel our vision of search: connecting people to information through engaging experiences that drive better results. Our compelling set of enterprise search offerings meets the varying needs of our customers, provides upgrade paths as those needs change, and inspires customers to incorporate search in innovative ways into their workplaces to drive revenue and power business results.

"Folio and NXT customers and partners: We are pleased to announce that on December 2, 2009, Rocket Software completed the acquisition of the Folio and NXT product lines from FAST and Microsoft Corporation.  This announcement marks the transition of the Folio and NXT products, services, and support thereof to Rocket. For more information, visit the  Microsoft Pathways for FAST website. This site has answers to many of the business questions you may have.

Today is the top level look at information on FAST…

More info on all enterprise search products from Microsoft including FAST can be found at

For FAST standalone technical support assistance, please visit to submit a support request or call +1 866-922-5260 (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Time)


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Want to know more about Bing? Live webcast on June 1, 2009 @10:00AM Pacific Daylight Time

Want to know more about Microsoft’s new Bing? Then take a look at the new Bing Interactive Product Guide, the Virtual Press kit (filled with screen shots, fact sheets and more)

Microsoft Unveils Bing – A New Search Decision EngineOn Monday, you’ll have a chance to learn even more in a live, interactive webcast where you will see examples of Bing and can ask the Bing team questions. This courtesy of Stefan Weitz over at Bing:

Want more Bing?  How about an interactive Webcast where we’ll walk you through all the cool features in our new decision engine.  Sure you could read the Product Guide (located here) but that would require, you know, reading.  Better just to watch. 

Plus, while you can talk to the Product Guide it likely won’t respond (and if it does let us know – I thought we fixed that bug).   Our webcast will let you interact with the presenter by asking questions throughout the session!

How do you join in the fun?  Three easy steps:

1) Set your alarm clocks for 10AM Pacific Daylight Time, Monday, June 1. 

2) Point your browser to (I’d do this before 10AM just to make sure you’ve got what you need to watch the stream)

3) Sit quietly and watch the ‘cast OR engage by typing questions in the player.

That’s it!  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell people you don’t even know.  Post it on Facebook. The Bing Webcast– no prompters, no scripts, 100% danger.

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New from Windows Live: Search and Give, benefiting schools and charitable organizations

New from Live Search: Search And Give

Whether it’s your local school or an effort to find a cure, Search and Give will donate a penny each time you use this page to search the Web.

How does it work?

  • Sign in to select a charity or school (this is easy)

  • Start searching from the Search & Give home page

  • Live Search will make the donation

Champion your cause with something you do every day – search the Web.

So far, Search And Give has raised nearly $350,000.