Support options for FAST Enterprise Search

image Next on my list customer and partner challenge or issue per day is FAST, which Microsoft acquired in April of 2008… FAST Search & Transfer, to be specific…

"Today, Enterprise Search from Microsoft offers best-in-class technologies and cutting-edge innovations that fuel our vision of search: connecting people to information through engaging experiences that drive better results. Our compelling set of enterprise search offerings meets the varying needs of our customers, provides upgrade paths as those needs change, and inspires customers to incorporate search in innovative ways into their workplaces to drive revenue and power business results.

"Folio and NXT customers and partners: We are pleased to announce that on December 2, 2009, Rocket Software completed the acquisition of the Folio and NXT product lines from FAST and Microsoft Corporation.  This announcement marks the transition of the Folio and NXT products, services, and support thereof to Rocket. For more information, visit the  Microsoft Pathways for FAST website. This site has answers to many of the business questions you may have.

Today is the top level look at information on FAST…

More info on all enterprise search products from Microsoft including FAST can be found at

For FAST standalone technical support assistance, please visit to submit a support request or call +1 866-922-5260 (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Time)


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