Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine to abolish Daylight Saving Time, Microsoft guidance for Windows

Clocks, courtesy of Office Clip Art[Updated 21 October, 2011] Please note we have received reports that Armenia and Ukraine have canceled their proposed changes. ( According to reports in Rada and Kyivpost, Ukraine will not stay on permanent summer time and instead will fall back to winter time on October 30, 2011 as originally scheduled. If these reports become the plan of record, customers in Armenia and Ukraine will not have to adjust time zone settings on their computers that are running Windows operating system.

As I noted this week noted this week, I posted on the Microsoft Corporate blog about our efforts to inform our customers and partners on our activities related to the end of daylight saving time in the Russian Federation, a change noted earlier this year. For our customers and partners worldwide, this means there are some things to be aware of and in some cases work to do to prepare for this change.

As you may know, in 2011, the Russian government adopted a law to cancel Summer Time (the region’s term for daylight saving time, or DST) and won’t “fall back” to standard, winter time.

We now have confirmed reports that similar to the move in Russia, that Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine won’t fall back but also stay permanently on summer time on October 30. (There have been some initial rumours about other countries following Russia’s lead and considering cancelling Daylight saving time too. We will also provide details on these changes as they come up and are ratified and enacted into law.)

Microsoft’s guidance for Windows to the affected countries will be to move to another time zone (referred to as ‘workaround time zone’ in the table below).

The ‘workaround time zone’ will be used until Microsoft updates the native time zones in the next Windows Time Zone Cumulative Update (scheduled for December 2011). No Hotfix will be issued in the interim for these changes.




Current Native Time Zone

New Standard Time

Daylight Time

Workaround Time Zone    (No DST)


(UTC+02:00) Minsk



(UTC +3:00) Kaliningrad


(UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius



(UTC +3:00) Kaliningrad


(UTC+04:00) Yerevan



(UTC+05:00) Tashkent


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3 replies on “Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine to abolish Daylight Saving Time, Microsoft guidance for Windows”

I can't understand why hotfix for e.g. Turkey appeared the next day after changes and for Belarus Microsoft won't issue a hotfix at all. Just December… It is unfairA

ТОесть нам придется перенастраивать все системы из за лени разработчиков? Круто!!!!

(Translation: If we have to readjust all systems because of laziness of developers? Cool!!!!)

Unfortunately, it's not that easy… particularly when the government in Ukraine (and apparently Armenia) just reversed their decision, as noted here: Deploying a hotfix, and then having to back it out is a major issue. It's difficult when countries make decisions at the last minute, and then change their minds a few days before the change.

Please see for more details.

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