Changes to daylight saving time in Russia for 2011: third party resources & guidance

A question from the virtual mailbag today…

"I know that you have released guidance on Microsoft products and services for the end to Summer Time in Russia. But what about other products in our stack?"

Good question.

Here are the responses I’m aware of today.

Blackberry: To find the latest DST updates available for BlackBerry, navigate to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base (  Enter the Search term “daylight savings time” and Sort By: Publication Date. RIM has established a release schedule of Spring and Fall that matches Microsoft’s cycle closely.  Enterprise customers are advised by their Support Account Managers when a new DST patch is released.  Customers are also able to receive interim updates that can be deployed to devices by the “Script method” before the spring or fall scheduled release. 

I’ll add other links to this page as we’re aware of them, and list them on the "Other Resources" tab on our Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center. In the past, we saw good information from many different companies as I noted here. Likely you should be able to find guidance from your device and system providers.


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