You learn something new each day. Today I found out about Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office

imageIt’s not intended to be a five year mission, but given the long list of products in our ballywick (or is that "bally wick"?) in the effort to address the a question on every one of our products… Next up is Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office. (BTW, the list of the many of the products I cover here are courtesy of our publicly available Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle Index site.)

To be frank, I’d never heard of Learning Essentials ’til now – at first glance, I thought it was a training guide for Office (no offense to my friends in Building 36…)

"Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office is a desktop application that works with Microsoft Office to provide students and teachers a custom Office environment. Learning Essentials includes curriculum-based templates and toolbars for Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, and Microsoft Office Excel. It also includes academic tutorials and project assistance from leading education publishers. This guide describes the options available for curriculum and IT administrators to customize and deploy Learning Essentials."

Available to Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing customers, Learning Essentials provides teachers and students get tools for the Microsoft Office suite, with templates and tools for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Academic customers with volume licenses for Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP, Professional or Standard editions, are licensed to use Learning Essentials at no additional licensing cost. In other words, Learning Essentials is free for schools that have a license Microsoft Office.

Learning Essentials 2.0 is supported thru 7/10/2012.


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