Bill Gates demos the Touch Wall to CEOs, plus video clip

While waiting for a conference call to begin, a quick post on Touch Wall demo’ed by Bill Gates at the CEO Summit this week in Redmond.

Benjamin J. Romano of the Seattle Times covers today how Bill Gates demonstrated the Touch Wall at the CEO Summit in Redmond this week…

“On Wednesday, he gave about 115 chief executives gathered at his company’s headquarters a sales pitch and a vision of the future of work, complete with a demonstration of the latest computing interface to be cooked up by Microsoft’s researchers.

“Think about the whiteboard in your office becoming intelligent,” Gates said before introducing Touch Wall, a 50-inch touch-sensing screen that he likened to a vertical version of the company’s Surface tabletop computer.”

Crunchgear covered the Microsoft TouchWall in this post, and noted that this alternative to Microsoft Surface could be constructed from just “a few hundred dollars worth of readily available hardware.” And it has a very cool demo below.

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