Computerworld: HP confirms XP SP3 endless reboot snafu, promises patch

Computerworld reported yesterday in their story “HP confirms XP SP3 endless reboot snafu, promises patch” that…

“… some users of its AMD-based desktops have had problems after installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), and said it would issue a patch this week to prevent machines from spiraling into endless reboots. HP also told users to delay installing XP SP3 until that patch was released.”

Microsoft is also working on a hotfix for this issue, and will be available after it has been rigorously tested and meets our quality bar for release.

Computerworld also notes that “users impatient with HP’s or Microsoft’s patch plans can instead download a free tool… that detects and fixed PCs that may be susceptible to the endless reboot issue.”

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SP3 has been in test mode for how long?

No one thought to try this on an AMD box

from HP?

HP were not involved in testing?

Now there is another "hot fix"?

Come on guys, do your jobs!

I depend on MS software for my living,

and you have the potential for creating

great products, but your quality levels

continue to be questionable.

Thanks for the comment.  The problem may occur if the original Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) Sysprep image is created on an Intel-processor-based computer and if the Sysprep image is then deployed on a non-Intel-processor-based computer.  Please see, and Microsoft Knowledge Base article 888372 which notes this issue.  

As noted in the article, we do not support using Sysprep to install an operating system from an image if the image was created by using a computer that has a different processor.  

For example, you cannot create a Sysprep image on a computer that has an Intel processor and deploy the image to a computer that has an AMD processor.

KB888372 outlines how to modify the Windows registry to disable the Intel driver.

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