One look at the future of computing from Microsoft, circa 2018-2023

Here’s a link to Microsoft’s video of what the future could look like 5-10 years from now.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could pick up a can of screen paint at the home improvement store just as we have chalk board paint today?

What’s interesting to me: you don’t see a beige box or traditional personal computer (save the ones with the traditional phone-format and tablet), nor a logo or set of tiled windows. (I did spot one Windows logo on the tablet in the video.)

Mark Wilson offers his own interesting thought (not that I agree) in his post over on Fast Company that this one vision of the future is trapped in a box

“Microsoft, this video is not the future… Even Apple, the company that owes most of its success to these magic, touchable rectangles, is already moving on from the paradigm [his ref to his post about Apple’s reported forthcoming iWatch], easing the consumer into a world where hardware enables naturalistic gestures that keep us in tune with our surroundings.”

Hmmm… seems that the points raised in the video place even more emphasis on how ubiquitous hardware that melts into the background. The computer – no, the technology of the future – emerges from table tops, and responds back to you in a familiar voice enables natural gestures of showing, sharing, as well as asking and responding verbally. Who’s to say what it looks like outside the home and how you take it with you? Likely the subject of more interesting clips to come from the looking glass. It’s interesting to see how much has come to fruition since this look way back in 2009, and even 2011.

I can imagine that some prior art may be referenced Harry Potter by the good folks at Hogwarts, in the living paintings that seem to virtually span beyond the edge of the frame. 😉

Additional reading: Microsoft’s View of the Future Workplace is Brilliant, Here’s Why – Forbes

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Humour: A Fun Volkswagen Commercial featuring Darth Vader

A little humour today, just before Superbowl Sunday: this commercial from Volkswagen featuring a diminutive Darth Vader on a seemingly normal Saturday afternoon.

I have seen our own son pull the same head fake at the end of the commercial when faced with a reaction to his use of The Force on our cat and other immoveable objects. (Thanks, Lisa and David)

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“I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea.” Perhaps, but the look-and-feel of Windows 7 was done in Redmond

Brandon over in Windows (interesting to write it like that, having recently moved from building 26) posted here about how we really designed the look-and-feel of Windows 7, in contrast to a quote in a short interview from a Microsoft employee not involved in designing Windows 7.

"I hate to say this about one of our own, but his comments were inaccurate and uninformed. If you’re interested in learning more about the design of Windows 7, I suggest reading this AP story with Julie Larson-Green as well as these WSJ (membership required) and Fast Company articles. And here is one of many blog posts on the E7 blog discussing the design process of Windows 7."

All good points, particularly when you read the detailed posts on the E7 blog that cover the development of Windows 7.

Perhaps one can take the latest "I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea" commercials a little too seriously (such as this one, Kirsten’s Taskbar 😉


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Winners from the Windows 7 72-Hour Film Festival

Of interest are the top films from the Windows 7 72-Hour Film Festival, held in Seattle last month.

"Seattle-based filmmakers were given 72 hours to create a 30 second to 2 minute film celebrating the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows 7. Genres were picked from a hat (a different genre for each team) and the following elements were required in each film: "Windows 7" mentioned as a prop; a character named "CIO Wiggins", and the line of dialog "The guys in IT are going to like this".

You can view all the results here and enjoy some excellent scripting, including the line in this video: "remember… must not build Building 7…" (which any Microsoftie will appreciate ;).


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Windows 7 available today, Kylie gets a new PC and other musings from GA-Day

Welcome to Windows 7 Release!

OK, now you have your copy of Microsoft Windows 7. First, check that your PC will run it with Upgrade Advisor And if you’ve got questions about Windows 7, look thru the posts from community experts on the Microsoft Answers site about Windows 7 (in 11 languages!) at

There was an awesome Kylie moment from the Windows 7 Launch today. She got a new Windows 7 mini notebook from none other that Steve Ballmer: Steve gave her very own pink Windows 7 laptop: (we <3 Kylie!). (Head nod to Mark Relph for the link, who I expect has interesting friends on his flights this week ;)  For your own new Windows 7 PC, check out the "7 days of Windows 7 savings" (quantities are limited and the program ends October 28, 2009)

I had fully intended today to attend the festivities on main campus at 5AM, and there was only one thing that could keep me from B37 and the NASDAQ opening this morning did: kids. Perhaps a remote feed to the house would’ve helped. Here’s a clip of the folks and friends in Building 37 today with Chris Liddell, our CFO, celebrates Windows 7 launch by ringing the NASDAQ opening bell remotely.


You can also check out the new social media "hub" to see what people are saying about Windows 7! via @brandonleblanc. And here’s a direct link to the new social media "hub" to see what people are saying about Windows 7


Here are a few top stories from Microsoft Presspass:

Microsoft Simplifies the PC With Windows 7, Oct. 22, 2009

New Retail Stores Connect Consumers With the Best of Microsoft, Oct. 22, 2009


Here are a few interesting Tweets from today (you can also find more in my twitter feed here).

@MicrosoftStore: Microsoft fans take over the Scottsdale mall. Long line, now people are wait outside the mall!

Dell’s Adamo XPS is an AMAZING ultra thin laptop. It’s sure to be on my Xmas list! More @ I saw from @dancosta that Dell Offers Sneak Peek of Adamo XPS. "I wouldn’t call it a hands-on, but I did touch it." #pcmlt  More info & links on the new ultra thin & very sexy Dell Adamo XPS via Bing

@LanceUlanoff Steve Ballmer: "95 out of 100 times, when people get to choose a PC, they choose a Windows PC" #win7 #QOTD

@LanceUlanoff Hands On with Amazon Kindle for the PC Nice app; smart idea for multi-touch systems.

Check out the new social media "hub" to see what people are saying about Windows 7! via @brandonleblanc

How to find Windows 7 Freebies: See "Where to Get Giveaways" by @PCWorld‘s JR Raphael

Reading Stuart Elliot’s article in the New York Times on "The Billion Designers of Windows 7"

As noted here, the venerable BBC News looks at the launch of Windows 7 w/ Microsoft’s Leila Martine

Wonder how did we got to Windows 7? AP offers this analysis of Vista + 1 = 7. No, you didn’t miss 5 & 6

All Black number 7 Richie McCaw helps Microsoft launch Windows 7 in Auckland’s Queen Elizabeth Square

I get lots of mail RE autographed Windows 7 PC & Zune for the Microsoft Giving Campaign

@engadget noted that Windows 7 Media Center upgraded Netflix "Watch Instantly" interface now available

From MSSpringboard, Podcast: Migrating Windows XP to Windows 7 Using Windows Easy Transfer and USMT

One more item for the Microsoft Giving Campaign: Adam Koford’s (aka @apelad) LOL Cats "Extra Leafy Edition"


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