There are some really nasty bugs that hang around after a thorough debugging…

Not all bugs are in your code… they’re all over (and around) your computer.  Learn about some new debugging tools that will help keep you healthier…

After typing on my keyboard all day in meeting after meeting, I noticed that the laptop needed a little attention.  And after putting the kids to bed and using the kitchen PC, I noticed that it was similarly ignored… from a cleaning perspective, that is. 

As the family ran through a rash of colds last week, I thought it a good idea to use a kitchen cleaning wipe on the keyboard after I came across a new UK study: it shows keyboards swabbed from a run-of-the-mill office in London was home to more nasty bacteria than a toilet seat.  The survey noted that keyboards harbour harmful bacteria showed that most users clean their keyboard infrequently (if at all)…

In one case, a microbiologist recommended the removal of a keyboard as it had 150 times the recommended limit of bacteria.

That meant it was five times filthier than a toilet seat that was swabbed in the same test.

The main cause of a bug-infested keyboard is eating lunch at your desk, as the crumbs encourage the growth of millions of bacteria.

So here’s a little free advice: clean your keyboard and your mouse after reading this blog post.

Then head over to MSN to read more in the slide show article Where the Bugs Are in MSN Health & Fitness… from Heather Loeb of Men’s Health…

“Is there a more potent symbol of purity than the fluffy white snowflake, wafting from heaven and landing–ping!–on the tip of your tongue? Well, along comes the journal Science to spoil the fun, noting that bacteria called Pseudomonas syringe are lurking at the dark heart of many an earthbound crystal of frozen water. And if Frosty the Snowman is a target, what chance do the rest of us have?

“A pretty good one, actually– if you make note of the places where the bugs lie and swat them before they can do harm. Here’s an updated to-disinfect list for all the surprising places (and people) contagion clings to.”

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