Your questions: Who do you work with in COSD at Microsoft?

A question received this afternoon from a friend in SiValley (thanks, Kim P.)

“So, who do you work with these days at Microsoft in Windows COSD?”

BTW, COSD = the Windows Core Operating System Division, the group that develops the core bits of Windows technology that ultimately becomes Windows Client (XP, Vista) and Server (2003, Longhorn). (See this article in the Seattle PI and on CNET News for more details.)

I’m still working my way around the Windows buildings and meeting people in the groups, just getting back into the thick of things following my tour of duty on Daylight Saving Time (please, no more “what time is it?” jokes). But for more details on our management team in COSD, one needs to look no further than Channel 9, with a couple of videos of people on the team including this one just posted of…

Mark Russinovich: From Winternals to Microsoft, On Windows Security, Windows CoreArch
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A more technical video, I learned a lot about how Mark spends his days. Of interest to me were…

46.11 – why he’s at Microsoft and how he started as an “Apple II Internals” guy long before Winternals and then to Microsoft, and
48:10 – what he does in COSD

Mark was a co-founder of Winternals and is now a Technical Fellow and on the CoreArch team. For more on Core Architecture, Rich Ward from Core Arch is featured in this video from last year (we need an update). Rich leads Core Arch, focused on the architecture of the Windows system.


Last summer, Scoble sat down in this Channel 9 interview with Jawad Khaki. Jawad is super passionate about working with our customers and partners: I had the opportunity to work with Jawad in the past when I first joined Windows back in 2003. 


We’ll have to get the rest of the management team from COSD on a Channel 9 session one day, with the Windows Core System Team including Ben Fathi (Dev), Darren Muir (Test) and Chuck Chan (PM), as well as Wael Bahaa-El Din from the Engineering System and Services Team (ESS). Pam and Lou, too. 😉

And of course, Scott Charney, know for one of his infamous quotes: “If we don’t do security well, people will migrate away from us. And if we don’t do security right, they should.”

On the customer satisfaction and experiences part of my job, I have the opportunity to work with more of the best and brightest people across the company in the product groups as well as the field and services organizations. Toby Richards in Kathleen Hogan’s group is my partner on Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) and leads the extremely effective and dynamic team across the Sales & Services organization. Gayna Williams joined our team in the prodict groups from Windows, only to return to Windows. 😉

More on that later, as I must now tend to a child (who should be fast asleep) looking for a glass of water.

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