Remember: April 1st is not this year’s daylight saving time ‘spring forward’ date

If you did not apply the updates to your various PCs and devices as noted on our daylight saving time information site, but manually adjusted the time, please note that older devices may ‘spring forward’ on the first Sunday in April (the old beginning of DST).

As USA Today reports today… 

“…a few new glitches might pop up this weekend. Daylight-saving time began three weeks early this year, causing a problem for thousands of older PCs, cellphones and other electronic devices. They were programmed to automatically switch the time on the traditional daylight time start date, this Sunday (on April 1st).

“And there may be more (glitches) on Sunday night. It’s likely that some consumers didn’t upgrade their older devices. Instead, they changed their clocks manually. That’s worked so far. But the devices are still programmed to change the time on the original daylight time start date. They will change the time by an hour unless that feature has been turned off.”

So, if you haven’t already updated your PCs and devices for daylight saving time, consider the following steps:

  • Verify the time and date programmed on your PCs and consumer electronic devices. Some older DVRs (ReplayTV, Tivo) and PDAs may need to be updated especially if they are not always connected to a network service.

  • Download the updates – visit for more details.

(ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley picked this up in her blog Beware false Daylight Saving Time resets on April 1.)

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