BBC reports: the new Xbox 360 Elite, coming in April ’07

Back from the eye doctor, and ‘though I thought my vision was off… Black is the new black: this just in from the BBC on th enew Xbox 360 Elite… “Xbox revamp aims at digital home.”  

The sleek Xbox 360 Elite is a digital entertainment powerhouse.“The long-awaited revamp of the Xbox 360, designed to store and display high definition video, has been launched.

“The black Elite console has a 120GB hard drive and will go on sale in the US in April for $479.99 (£255). No details of a UK release were announced.

“…Microsoft has said it will include the necessary cables with its Elite machine. But users will have to pay extra for a high definition HD-DVD player…

Perhaps we’ll also see an improvement of the media playback software as well, allowing the now-larger HDD to aid over-the-home-network viewing to content, or better, allowing me to designate the Xbox 360 Elite HDD as a repository of TV content from my Media Center PC.

More on the Xbox 360 Elite is now available on at
Although there’s no mention of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player on this new Elite page, the BBC reports it will continue to be an add-on.

Does that mean we’ll see both a white and a black HD-DVD peripheral on store shelves?

Perhaps to drive the interest in HD-DVD one might think that you would include it in the Xbox 360 hardware. But given the price premium still for HD-DVD playback, this certainly leaves room to have a follow-on Xbox 360 system SKU at a future date that includes HD-DVD playback: as there are more titles, the players will undoubtedly appear in more places, including in PCs (in what has commonly been slotted for DVD). That would drive me to buy a new Xbox system for Christmas 2007… just one less piece of CE hardware in our collection of devices.