My life as a customer: sending off our Microsoft Zune for warranty repairs today

As noted My life as a customer: this time, I’m repairing a Microsoft Zune.  To be specific, an 8GB model that my son relies upon for his daily dose of everything from Disney pop to grunge to classic rock (he’s all atwitter about the rock opera Tommy).

Well, UPS dropped off the return shipping package yesterday to send my son’s Zune in for repairs. 

That’s a week turn around to get a shipping box – nicely pre-labeled and ready to go.  It took me longer to find the original receipt (have to include a copy) than it was to pack the unit up for shipment to Texas.  (The process is similar to what I encountered for my first Xbox 360 sent in with a RROD and the second one with a RROD and a video failure. We’ll see if the turn around is as fast.)

And so, we say goodbye and safe package insured travels to our little device, on Day 8 of our wait.

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