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GivingIn today’s Seattle Times is an article by Seattle Times reporter Erik Lacitis on the local Fund For The Needy, and how thousands line up for food, Christmas toys, with coverage today of The Salvation Army, one of the local agencies that receives assistance from people donating to the The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy.

"There is the paperwork, lots of it, when you’re in the social-work business. It sometimes gets mind-numbing.

"On Monday, Bill Talbot and a handful of volunteers saw 120 parents — nearly all women, and all of them poor — at The Salvation Army’s branch in White Center.

"The women were signing up to get Christmas toys for their children and $40 or $50 supermarket shopping cards for a Christmas dinner. They came clutching paperwork to prove they were poor and that they had the kids they said they had.

"It actually was a much slower day than the week before, when 200 a day were showing up.

"Some 1,200 to 1,300 will get Christmas help at this branch, and some 7,000 overall in King County, an increase of one-third over last year."

I read in the article that last year in King County, the Salvation Army provided:

  • 73,920 nights of lodging for the homeless.
  • 66,536 bags of groceries or food vouchers for the hungry.
  • 9,026 low-income residents with holiday gifts and food.
  • 500-plus households with rent assistance.

More information:

Now, I’m off to take the boys to drop off toys at the local toy drive.

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