My life as a customer: this time, I’m repairing a Microsoft Zune

When we discuss customer and partner satisfaction at the office, I often tell people to remember one thing: never forget what it is like to be a customer.

Well, this week (as I posted previously when I’m returned an Xbox 360 for repair, on a Friday the 13th no less) I am just another Zune customer calling for service.  So again, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience on how to handle the situations should it happen to you.

My son’s small flash Zune developed some problems with the audio/video jack, so we decided to contact Zune for warranty service (he has an 8GB Zune that he purchased last year). After initially visiting and registering the device online, I called the automated phone support line for technical issues at 1-877-GET-ZUNE (1-877-438-9863). (TTY (hearing impaired): 1-800-801-1189.)

After noting that I was having a mechanical issue, I was able to Osubmit a request for a repair online.  That was Monday.

So, we await the arrival of the RMA envelope/package by which we will whisk away our Zune to be repaired.  Watch this space for updates.

In a past post on how to reach the Xbox service centre, I included a link to a helpful reference page for contacting live people via phone via the IVR Cheat Sheet for Businesses – it provides a guide for getting through to a live person on the phone quickly and with little hassle.  (See this post for more details.)

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