Yahoo! in the news again, the best Mexican in the Silicon Valley and more of what I’ve read

Posted by Benjamin J. Romano posted this weekend of the Sunday Times report that has "Microsoft discussing deal to buy Yahoo search for way too much."  The story doesn’t quote a source. 


"Sunday Times report has Microsoft discussing deal to buy Yahoo search for way too much A report in The Sunday Times (of London) late today outlines a complex potential deal between Microsoft, a pair of digital media heavyweights and Yahoo, but several elements in the story don’t add up and already one of the principals has denied knowledge of such a deal. "

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo’s online search business for $20 billion (13 billion pounds)," reads the opening paragraph of the story, dated Sunday."

Before we go much further: Why would Microsoft do a $20 billion deal for Yahoo’s online search business — certainly something that Microsoft has coveted — when all of Yahoo is worth only $15.96 billion.

Romano continues that the story in the venerable Times "is written in that awkward passive voice ("it is thought") that screams thinly sourced, goes on to describe a complex transaction that would install former AOL Chairman and CEO Jonathan Miller and former Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn as leaders of a new management team — presumably of Yahoo, though the story doesn’t say so explicitly."

However, VentureBeat is reporting that Levinsohn is not aware of any such deal: "We’ve reached out to Levinsohn who says of the Times Online report: ‘No truth to it. News to us.’ "

The Times story continues: "Senior directors at Microsoft and Yahoo are understood to have agreed the broad terms of a deal, but there is no guarantee that it will succeed."

For the more thrifty among us not looking to spend 20B, the Times offers and article on how to Spend less, be cool (Seattle Times Newspaper) by Charles Bermant, November 29, 2008. "The lean economy’s collision with the holiday season makes these already frightening conditions even scarier, leading us into an era of diminished expectations where we must get used to the idea of giving (and getting) less."

Back on Earth, we’re dealing with a long weekend of homework (which luckily was done early in the sojourn).  But timely that I read of these 10 homework tips for parents (via The Detroit News) by Susan R. Pollack.

"Easy ways parents can help their children with homework by being role models and mentors. "Despite their best intentions, parents might over-schedule family activities and under schedule for homework."

More stories of interest this long weekend:

Microsoft and others in public forum on digital health records (The Seattle Times) from November 28, 2008 2:59 PM, in Brier Dudley’s blog: "Interested in electronic health records? "Several big players will participate in a public forum Monday in Seattle, discussing electronic health records and the role they may play in healthcare reform. "Hosted by consulting firm Milliman, the event will include representatives from Microsoft, Group Health, Veterans Affairs and the centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. King County Executive Ron Sims and state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler are also scheduled to participate."

Canada’s oil-sands boom creates vast riches and a dirty footprint | Seattle Times Newspaper, from November 30, 2008, by Ángel González, Seattle Times business reporter. "The huge oil reserves of Canada, where the stuff can literally be dug out of the ground, provide the U.S. with a nearby alternative to importing crude from distant, unstable countries. But Alberta oil-sands production has one major shortcoming: It results in far more greenhouse gases than traditional drilling."

Supreme Court’s oldest justice not ready to hang up his robes | Seattle Times Newspaper by MARK SHERMAN, The Associated Press, November 30, 2008 at 12:00 AM. "John Paul Stevens, 88, is the U.S. Supreme Court’s oldest and longest-serving justice. He’s still as sharp as ever, according to court watchers, who see no signs of Stevens stepping down soon."

Circling Iceland for clues to our earthshaking geography (Seattle Times Newspaper Travel)  Circling Iceland for clues to our earthshaking geography My goal was to pinpoint the spot where the Pacific Northwest’s earthquakes and volcanoes come from. Yes, I knew about the Juan de Fuca plate… Originally published Sunday, November 30, 2008 By Michael Upchurch, Special to The Seattle Times; Michael Upchurch is a Seattle Times book critic

For those of you saving every last newspaper and item from the past (count me out soon enough as I clean up and purge this week) the Seattle Times covers a local newspaper collector who "stacks up all the print that can fit" and owns thousands of old newspapers, dating to 1970. By Erik Lacitis, Seattle Times staff reporter, Nov 30, 2008.

Melinda and Bill Gates: saving lives – Times Online — November 29, 2008 Melinda and Bill Gates: saving lives Melinda Gates is no ordinary rich man’s wife. With husband Bill, she has used her business acumen to save millions of lives. Janice Turner meets her to discuss philanthropy, wealth, parenthood – and why Bill sometimes cries

And as I tweeted on Twitter, I was fortunate enough to dine with some of our friends in SiValley this weekend (sorry I missed the reunion with many of my friends from 3DO) at La Fiesta Restaurant, ordering the chicken molé.  La Fiesta is one of the best Mexican restaurants in SiValley if I do say so myself. (La Fiesta Restaurant 240 Villa St, Mountain View (650) 968-1364)  Grandma’s Special Enchiladas are the house specialty, and they have great margaritas.

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