Ready to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Windows Vista Media Center can help

If you are interested in catching up with all the Olympics but don’t have the time to wade through (or be awake for) the sporting event of you choice (the freestyle swimming, fencing, soccer and the Decathalon here at home), we’re pleased to announce NBC Olympics On The Go — powered by TVTonic on Windows Vista Media Center.  This is an Internet-delivered catch-up TV service from NBC Universal powered by Wavexpress’ TVTonic platform.

If you’re in the States, this free download-and-play service utilizes Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (full system requirements) and features (according to the site)…

  • download & watch full length Olympic events
  • watch while “on the go” and off-line
  • hours of video covering over 20 Olympic sports
  • subscribe to your favorite events for automatic delivery to your PC

We have an event tomorrow night that conflicts with the opening ceremony: with this option, we will get to see the entire opening ceremony.

Very cool.

Plus, today over at Engadget (Aug 7th 2008), Richard Lawler provides “the full rundown on the different ways the Games are coming home and how to take advantage of them all.”

There’s no doubt about it, no matter what the air quality — or the political climate — is like, these will be the best Olympics ever to watch from home (maybe 2012, eh Oscar?) With every moment captured in high definition and available right away, viewers will have their choice of sports to watch at all times, on a number of different platforms. Whether you’re new to HD — and are absolutely sure your HDTV is set up properly — in the last four years or still have nightmares punctuated by “We’ve got chips…and salsa” (we’ve formed a support group for the survivors of 2004) we’ll do our part to make sure you’re equipped to get the most possible out of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Ready to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics? – Engadget HD

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