Tilting at windmills? ‘Be brave. Go over the cliff.’

Here’s a quote for the Quixote in you… (apologies for the edit: see the article for more)

“Get big fast. [Damn] the cost. Be brave. Go over the cliff. [The competition] doesn’t have the ____.”

This courtesy of mobile phone operator and a man with a keen eye for opportunity Denis O’Brien, chief of Digicel Group, the company that offers mobile phone service in some of the most challenging parts of the world.  His efforts are covered in a recent article in Forbes, on his penchant for launching mobile businesses in areas that most would bypass for safe fare.

A good quote. 

Related: I re-read this article on O’Brien this past weekend and then heard this story on NPR from Howard Berkes this evening… [my bold emphasis]

“China is a freer, better, richer place than it was when it was awarded the games,” Micklethwait says. “But actually at closer examination, what seemed to come through was, firstly, it’s more to do with things like opening up the economy as a whole, and to do with odd things like the spread of mobile telephony, the impact of that type of freedom. By contrast, most of the actual impact of the games themselves have tended to be in the opposite direction.”

Now on to dinner.

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