Coming Monday? Sony teases for Centrino 2 notebooks (Electronista)

The kids are getting ready to open the its-80-degrees-and-time-for-lemonade stand, so a quick break whilst they mix up a batch.

Thanks to the email me link on my blog, I have this tidbit from Electronista: new Sony VAIOs expected on Monday, July 14… 

"Sony today posted a teaser confirming the launch date for its Centrino 2-based VAIO line. The electronics maker expects to formally unveil the new range on July 14th at 9PM Eastern and is known to be introducing several new models as well as potentially refreshing existing systems for the initial launch. In addition to better performance, they should also consume less power in most models.

"The company is believed to be readying its first 16:9-ratio notebooks, including the 13.1-inch VAIO Z and the 16.4-inch VAIO FZ; it should also redesign conventional models with the 13.3-inch SR series and 15.4-inch BZ series. Most systems will start with a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo and 3GB of RAM, with basic models using the new X4500 integrated graphics that come with Intel’s new platform."

With all this new hardware like the HP TouchSmart 2 and Dell’s tiny mobile PC, it’s going to be an interesting back to school season…

Electronista: Sony teases for Centrino 2 notebooks on Monday

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