The Ying and Yang of getting a new iPhone

Last night, I dropped by the local Bellevue Square Mall with our two boys in search of a birthday present for a 10-yr-old(Legos are still considered superbad, by way of the new Indiana Jones sets). 

Good news: we found exactly what we were looking for in record time.

Bad news: As we entered the mall, we saw the bad news: a line extending outside the Apple Store, where 30-40 people were still waiting to purchase a new iPhone.


Worse news: This was the post-line line: as we continued, we found another (and much longer) line — I’ll guess as with 50 or more people — snaking down a service exit hallway as to not block the mall aisle. I heard from people there that many had been waiting in a stagnant line, and were still encountering delays that were widely reported yesterday, related to the registration of new handsets. 

I guess that they don’t read Rob Pegoraro’s blog

"So if you’ve got an older phone, iPhone or not, that still works fine and is in no danger of expiring imminently, let other people fill the lines and crowd the stores. Waiting another week or so won’t kill you. This isn’t like getting tickets to a Fugazi reunion at the Black Cat; there will be plenty of iPhones to go around.

"If, however, you are going to queue up with the masses, please report back here on your experience–I’m out of town today, thanks to prior plans, and so will miss the festivities. (Bonus points to the first person to post a comment from a newly-purchased iPhone 3G!)"

A couple of interesting articles greeted me in today’s paper:

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