Article: PC World on Best Products for Streaming Audio and Video

In MSN Tech & Gadgets (love that subsite) there’s an informative post from by PC World columnist Lincoln Spector on the “Best Products for Streaming Audio and Video With Ease.” 

“Want to watch your movies in the bedroom or listen to your albums in the kitchen? We identify which devices do the best job of streaming PC-based video and audio all over your home.

“It’s easier than ever to liberate your collection of audio, video, and photo files from the confines of a PC–so you can enjoy it at the level of comfort and quality that your home theater setup provides. Streaming media players, also known as digital media receivers, connect to your TV and surround-sound speakers and, via an interface on your television, let you stream multimedia files from networked PCs, hard disks, and (in some cases) the Internet.”

 PC World evaluates seven current digital media adapters:

Also of interest from the article:

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3 replies on “Article: PC World on Best Products for Streaming Audio and Video”

I looked at the DSM 520 (Dlink) at Fry’s yesterday.  $150 if I remember correctly — very reasonable.

I read in this article and elsewhere that the "D-Link’s video capabilities, though, are less impressive. Standard-definition clips looked a bit blocky, while HD videos (which can include .wmv, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 files) came through somewhat better."

I’ve been using a Linksys Media Center Extender ( and Xox 360 with our Windows Media Center PC(running MCE 2005) with no problems over wired network. G WiFi is problematic in our house — 802.11A provided the best results.

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