Your questions: What are the numbers on your blog? How about

After getting back to my regular day job this week (in addition to daylight saving time and time zone work), I found a couple of emails asking…

“What are those numbers at the end of your blog tags?”

Tags: , , , . 786,613; 1,106,004; 1,264,772 

As noted previously, I tracked the increases in references on Live Search when I added a new entry on my blog:

“And here’s an update on the quick search query on Live Search for DST in 2007: there’s now 280,783 results: that’s more than 100,000 additional results added in the last couple of weeks,  with more than 513,000 results (+100K) for DST alone. I’ll go out on a limb and estimate that we eclipse 1,000,000 by March 11, 2007.”

Well, turns out that a search on “daylight saving time” in 2007 tops out today at 804,229 results, with “daylight saving time” topped a million with 1,076,605 today (and the incorect “daylight savings time” at 1,337,264).

(And remember, we ‘fall back’ a week later this year, on November 4th.)

But here’s a number that should get your attention: 

You can contribute to with every search. Each time you search here, Microsoft will contribute to, a UN agency-led campaign providing education and sports programs for the nine million refugee youth around the world.

You can also add the gadget to your Windows Live Space or by going here:

Tags: , , , . 804,229; 1,076,605; 1,337,264 

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