DST Support Central in Redmond, Day 5 – closing down

Live here from the DST Support Central in Redmond… it’s now 5:30 PM in our Redmond facility and all’s well, and we’re closing down our centre here (‘tho support remains live through our regular channels).

We’ve got about 80 people right now on our live DST chat room and we had very few people on our Live Meeting today. As Joris Evers reported today, we saw fewer problems than we planned for (as my Cub Scout son says, “be prepared”):

“The bulk of the problems arose for people who had not updated their computers or had decided to postpone patching to the last minute, according to Microsoft, which created a dedicated “DST Support Central” to help customers. The symptom: clocks running an hour behind because they did not automatically adjust.”

And as I noted, the systems I had the most difficulty with here in the support centre? The analogue clocks in our situation room were wrong at the spring forward.

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