Link: 300 the movie vs. the Spartans of History

Last night was date night, where we (my wife, me) find a sitter and head out for dinner and a movie. Not that it always works out that way. But last night after dinner, it was a toss-up between 300 and Premonition, and the Sandra Bullock drama won out due to scheduling.

Of interest is that 300 is next on our list, and I noted in a previous blog entry, movie goers agree that this is a good action movie and adaptation the Battle of Thermopylae as it grossed more than $100M last week. But for those interested in learning about the historical accuracies of the movie, see my favourite SiValley newspaper for Doug Griswold’s article in the Mercury News this week.

“Sure, it’s fun to watch 300 nearly naked Spartans – abandoned by the rest of Greece – ignoring their own battle tactics to fight off a million invaders.
But don’t mistake this for history.

Click on this link to see a detailed illustration (a PDF) about how Zack Snyder’s new movie “300” (based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel) stacks up against the textbooks on what really happened 2,500 years ago at Thermopylae. (OK, 2,487 years.)”


And as for Premonition? This review from the Mercury News sums it up:

“It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to look to the title of the film for answers. But Linda must have, in between shuttling her daughters to school and hanging sheets out to dry, had a premonition or two. Can she change fate? Can she stop Jim’s head from rolling? Do we care? No!”

Let’s see… I have a premonition that I’ll spend nearly $20 on a movie that I should wait to see (or not) on TV. Oh wait, that was last night. <sigh>

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Saw 300 with my son about 2 weeks ago.  We laughed and laughed, often at the inappropriate score which sounded Gaelic half the time and Heavy Metal the rest.

The cheesy CGI!  Weird distorted proportions in attempts to produce perspective effects, backgrounds that looked like bad mural art, clearly the same "bodies" used over and over with different heads pasted on.  Sheesh.

Oh, and then there was that plotline… or was there one at all?

No, not even for TV.

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