Your questions: what do I like about Windows 7? HomeGroup for managing your home network

I didn’t expect the large amount of interest and feedback on my post yesterday about HomeGroup and Play To as well as codecs in Windows 7.

imageSo, let me follow that up with a look inside HomeGroup as told by the good folks from the Windows team over on Channel 10 (also available via direct link here).  In a little more than 10 minutes, you’ll get a tour of one of my favorite features in Windows 7 for managing your home network (I feel so geeky).

"Using Homegroup you can easily connect your computers, sharing files and printers. Join me while I talk to the Windows team’s Jerry Koh and Steve Seixeiro as they walk us through using Homegroup."

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Apologies for my ode on the Day Before Christmas

The Day Before Christmas
(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston)


‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all down the street 2008-12 snowy street

Not a single thing moved, no one made a peep;

The snow had blanketed the entire neighbourhood,

And we all knew that St. Nick soon would lighten the mood;

The boys were happy as school’s out for the season,

As for running amok, they don’t need a reason;

Mom was making the rounds looking for gifts at the mall

And Dad was getting snow sledding gear arranged in the hall,

When at the front door there arose such a clatter,

The whole family rushed downstairs to see what was the matter.

The boys left the Wii, to the front door still in their pajamas,

And looked all around liked two startled Peruvian llamas.

The air was quite cold and on the ground a foot of new snow

So the boys stayed inside as they weren’t ready to go.

They looked down the driveway and stared at a sight 2008-12 snow

Of two looming new snowmen towering over their height,

Old Dad had shoveled the driveway and collected the snow,

A tonne and a half at the driveway below.

More rapid than llamas the boys quickly dressed,

Thinking that with a few snowballs they would make quite a mess;

"Now, c’mon CJ!" said Max, "Get on all your clothes,

"We’ll surprise our poor daddy with a pile of wet snow."

CJ in the snow-small To the top of the driveway crouched behind a white wall

And made dozens – no hundreds – of little snowballs.

As Dad came up they let the wild hurricane fly,

Throwing slushy and sopping projectiles into the sky,

And up, up in the air the weapons all flew,

When they hit, there’d be trouble, they certainly knew.

But Dad had prepared, and looked at the snow on the roof

And had set a small trap that he triggered with a "whoof."

As the snow picked up speed and made its way down,

The boys turned to see what was making the sound.

They looked up and all they could see was a sea of white fluff,

Too late to move, this was going to be rough.
They tried to duck and run for some cover,

And all they could do was scream for their mother!

The avalanche — how it twinkled! The volume so scary!

This experience was going to be anything but merry!

So with a loud thump the snow was upon them,

It really did dump all over and cover them. 2008-12 Max covered in snow

And then there was Dad coming up from the street,

With a pile of fresh snow for another holiday treat.

He saw the two boys up to their necks in wet snow,

And said "Here’s some more" with his eyes all aglow.

In a wink of an eye, the boys now full of dread,

As Dad piled on more snow ’til it covered their heads. 

Dad didn’t say a word, as he went straight to his work,

Dragging out both boys from the snow with a jerk,

And with his fingers in the shape of an ‘L’ on his forehead,

He taunted the boys one last time, undaunted.

Dad sprang for the door and slammed it up tight,

Whilst the boys pounded on the door with all their might.

Then I heard him exclaim, knowing it would be a long day,

"Happy Christmas to all, and remember to duck out of the way."

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TweakRAM for Windows free today

As noted on LifeHacker… Featured Windows Download: TweakRAM Memory Optimizer Free Today Only

“Instead of dropping cash on a new stick of RAM for that old computer, go grab a free license for the normally $20 memory manager TweakRAM—today only. TweakRAM speeds up your machine by optimizing Windows memory management, and when your computer slows t

Please note that they have only 7 hours 36 minutes to download and install a copy of TweakRAM 6.2.


Friday Humour: not-so-obvious M3 links on the Internet

My friend, J., sent me a funny mail today that I had to share… and with it, a return to Friday Links:

“I don’t know if you have looked lately, but “M3” has a whole bunch of different links around the Internet like:

Of course, I have a favorite: the M3 Mobile Social Network. It says that “M3 is a mobile social network that creates communities and enriches the lives of interesting people.”

“Sounds a lot like you. I have to stop now as this is getting silly. :)”

Of course.  And I had to sign up for M3 Mobile.

In addition to the more than 33 million references I found, ZD Net turned up one of the not-so-obvious: Attack of the Staples M3 Shredder

“… M3 makes easy work of junk mail envelopes, even ones with fake credit cards in them — as well as paper with staples and all those AOL CD’s you always wanted to do bodily harm to. No more opening up envelopes, just feed them through… M3 utterly destroys it and its contents like a rabid school of piranha fish.”

Have to get me one of those. If you’ve read some of my past entries, like How much does spam weigh- (And what to do about it), you’ll note that I have a soft place in my heart for junk mail (not). 

I’ve never heard been likened to a “rabid school of piranha fish.” 😉

Have a good weekend.

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Of interest: FastCompany’s Top 10 Web Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Guarded nearly as well as the passcode to the Microsoft home of the future, and the details of the Inquisition were released this week (not to be confused with The Spanish Inquisition of Monty Python fame)… here are The Top 10 Web Sites You’ve Never Heard Of courtesy of Chris Dannen and April Joyner at

“ has culled the most useful and entertaining sites from the far reaches of the Web so that when these sites go mainstream, you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd.

They are (with details excerpted from the site)…

CrazyBlindDate offers blind dates at public places in your neighborhood in New York; Austin, Texas; Boston; and San Francisco (with more cities coming soon). The authors said that this site is better than “pining over profile pictures on Facebook.”

DailyLit – The site offers both classic and contemporary titles, all provided in quick-reading installments that can be sent to you either via e-mail or RSS.

IWantSandy  Not good at remembering to print out your flight confirmation code? Send a message to Sandy, and she’ll remind you in a daily digest, in a text message or as an event on your calendar.

Cocktail Party Physics is Jennifer Ouelette’s blog about science and technology come to life as effortlessly as everyday chatter about politics, celebrities and vacations.

Newsmap is an amazing graphical representation of the constantly changing headlines on Google News. is a user-generated database of running routes all over the world, uses Google Maps mashups, allowing runners to look up routes in their area and choose them by length, difficulty, scenery and other user-rated criteria.

MakeUseOf – MakeUseOf is a tech blog that even laymen can understand…. in considerably de-geeked language.

5min — it’s a site featuring short videos that provide solutions or instructions for common and practical issues, like how to insulate your house or how to teach your dog to sit.

TryPhone – a fully functioning interactive phone-testing site where you walk through all the common features of the phone you’re considering buying in glorious, high-resolution interactivity.

Damn Interesting – a blog that writes long-form historical summaries of just about anything that’s, well … damn interesting.

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