Friday Humour: not-so-obvious M3 links on the Internet

My friend, J., sent me a funny mail today that I had to share… and with it, a return to Friday Links:

“I don’t know if you have looked lately, but “M3” has a whole bunch of different links around the Internet like:

Of course, I have a favorite: the M3 Mobile Social Network. It says that “M3 is a mobile social network that creates communities and enriches the lives of interesting people.”

“Sounds a lot like you. I have to stop now as this is getting silly. :)”

Of course.  And I had to sign up for M3 Mobile.

In addition to the more than 33 million references I found, ZD Net turned up one of the not-so-obvious: Attack of the Staples M3 Shredder

“… M3 makes easy work of junk mail envelopes, even ones with fake credit cards in them — as well as paper with staples and all those AOL CD’s you always wanted to do bodily harm to. No more opening up envelopes, just feed them through… M3 utterly destroys it and its contents like a rabid school of piranha fish.”

Have to get me one of those. If you’ve read some of my past entries, like How much does spam weigh- (And what to do about it), you’ll note that I have a soft place in my heart for junk mail (not). 

I’ve never heard been likened to a “rabid school of piranha fish.” 😉

Have a good weekend.

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