Windows Updates for New Russia Time Zones Now Available

As I highlighted last month, the Windows team in OSG have supported the new Russian time zone changes. What with the changes to the Ruble symbol and now the eleven new time zones and move away from daylight saving time, perhaps I should rename my blog…

As noted, the target release date was September 23, 2014, which was met: the Russian Federation time zone update is available now at: and on the Microsoft Russia site at

Please note that if you’re using any of the current Russian time zones or doing business with customers or partners in the affected territory, the guidance we received from the Russian government that the change will occur on October 26, 2014 at 2:00 am local time. When we see time zone offset changes (due to daylight saving time) and time zone revisions, the time change is often executed with the next click of the clock after 1:59:59h. (Well, not always: Samoa made its historic move at 23:59:59.)

Consumers and Small/Medium Business customers should ensure that Windows Update is turned on if you don’t have someone managing your computer. The update packages for all currently supported Windows platforms are available via Windows Update. If someone manages your network at work, it’s likely the needed updates are schedule to be deployed to your computers and devices, if they haven’t been installed already.

If you live or work in some of the regions affected by this change, you may want to check the time zone setting on your device (available in the Settings on Windows 8). In some cases in the affected areas, your device may be set to a new time zone. Some other applications may require changes or adjustments to the time and date information. In some cases, all the necessary changes automatically and you will need to take individual decisions in specific cases. For information on updating software from other vendors, please visit their Web sites.

For more information, please visit – details will be added to the site on other products and services as available.

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In fact after update i can see three new  time zones("Russia Time Zone 3","Russia Time Zone 10","Russia Time Zone 11") but old ones doesn't have changed their names(for example – Ekaterinburg Standard Time is still have that name but must have a new name like – "Russia Time Zone 4").

Can't find any info about that problem. Any help?

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