Microsoft Supports Next Generation of the Internet with World IPv6 Day

Today at 5:00PM PDT, Christopher Palmer, IPv6 Program Manager on the Windows Core Networking team posted on the Microsoft blog that Microsoft joins other members of the Internet Society (ISOC) in support of World IPv6 Day.

You may view the post here on the Microsoft Blog, along with more our information on the public IPv6 page at

In short, we’re providing IPv6 access for a one-day worldwide test to, and as part of a broad industry effort testing the next generation Internet Protocol version 6 (aka IPv6). Users with IPv6 Internet capabilities should automatically utilize IPv6 when connecting to a participating website.

Building on support in Windows, we know that applications and servers need to participate in the transition if it is to succeed. That is why we developed IPv6 support for our Office and Server products. We’ve also provided guidance to the developer community on how to build IPv6-capable applications and to the IT community on how to deploy IPv6.

We’re excited to support the test on World IPv6 Day and beyond, as we ready to upgrade to IPv6 with many other participants.  You can learn more about how to make sure your ready for World IPv6 Day with a simple readiness check in the blog post and available at

As I previously noted, most people will be fine on World IPv6 Day.  As noted on the Windows IPv6 blog, some users with a misconfigured Internet connection may lose network connectivity when accessing web sites that support dual IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Knowledge Base article 2533454 repairs configurations where you have may appear to have IPv6 connectivity to the Internet, but it is not working properly.

Thanks for your support of World IPv6 Day!

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