Microsoft Bing and Support World IPv6 Day

June 8 is just around the corner, and along with other members of the Internet Society (ISOC), Microsoft will participate in World IPv6 Day. (For more information on IPv6, you can Bing it:

On this one-day test, we will provide support for IPv6 on and as part of a broad industry effort to validate the readiness of this new foundation of the Internet. Consumers with IPv6 Internet capabilities – with both a device that supports IPv6 (like a Windows 7 PC) and support from your Internet provider – will automatically utilize IPv6 when connected to participating website. While the protocols are different, the browsing experiences of IPv4 and IPv6 are identical. In fact, most users of these services won’t even notice that this test is happening. Users with only IPv4 connectivity will continue to connect via IPv4.

The Internet is gradually shifting to IPv6, representing a foundational shift in every Internet experience. At Microsoft, we have been working towards the promise of a smooth and prudent transition, and teams across the company have been readying our products and services to support IPv6. Many of our products, like Microsoft Windows, have had robust IPv6 support for years. Microsoft takes this transition very seriously, and this test is one of many investments to ensure there is no interruption of service for our users as IPv6 is widely deployed.

As noted, most people will be fine on World IPv6 Day.  As noted on the Windows IPv6 blog, some users with a misconfigured Internet connection may lose network connectivity when accessing web sites that support dual IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Knowledge Base article 2533454 repairs configurations where you have may appear to have IPv6 connectivity to the Internet, but it is not working properly. The post also provides a link to the test (included below) that can help you understand whether you will be negatively affected, as well as whether you have IPv6 web access.

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You can learn more about Microsoft’s support for IPv6 at

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