Heading to Microsoft TechReady 12 in Seattle? Check out my helpful hints and survival tips

silence - tweeterHere’s a link to my post last year on some helpful hints on Surviving TechReady in Seattle, from 2010. Many of the links and info points are still relevant…

Going to TechReady next week in Seattle?  It seems from what I read on Twitter that we will have a number of people visiting the fair Emerald City for next week’s geek festivities.

To aid in your visit to the fair city by the Sound, I’ve posted here a few hints along the lines of my notes from Surviving CES in Las Vegas and Surviving MGX. Using that post as a template, here are a couple of resources for you – I will add to the page later as I have time.

First off, a public service announcement.

I have to agree with LyalinDotCom: remember to watch what you say online when you talk about #tr11. What I said about tweeting (remember to be thoughtful) still stands,

Head over to this post for more general information.

Have anything to add? LMK in the comments.

For now, here are a couple of additional links: and – Both online versions of these Seattle magazines are great resources for where to eat, what to see and where to go when in Seattle. SeattleMet has a calendar right on their home page of what to do in the city.


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