Remember: October 31 is Halloween, and the Office 2010 beta expires, too

As noted on the official blog, the Office 2010 beta expires Sunday, Oct 31, which means it’s time to upgrade to the full version or roll back to a previous version you have licensed…

Didn’t it seem like only yesterday when we made the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta available? Actually, it’s been nearly a year! Since then, Office 2010 has experienced over 9 million downloads — more than 6 times the size of the Office 2007 Beta.

With so many folks out there using the Office 2010 Beta, this is our gentle reminder that the Beta is set to expire on Halloween. For those of you who live outside of North America, that’s Sunday, October 31, 2010.

If you’ve been busy putting all of the new programs through their paces, you’ve already experienced many of the cool new features that can make your life easier. Personally, I’ve decided that I can no longer live without the Ignore Conversation button in Outlook 2010, linked notes in OneNote 2010, photo editing in Word 2010, using video in my PowerPoint 2010 presentations, or making walls of numbers come alive with Sparklines in Excel 2010. You get the picture.

If you’re currently using the expiring Beta, you  can simply uninstall.  More on uninstalling is available here.

For more info, see this FAQ from the Microsoft Support team, with Common Questions (and Answers!) about the Expiration of Office 2010 Beta.

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