Support options for Engyro Product Connector for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and System Center Operations Manager 2007

Next on my list customer and partner challenge or issue per day, today, it’s about Engyro CorporationEngyro Product Connectors for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and System Center Operations Manager 2007.

What is Engyro you say?

Engyro provides software solutions to integrate, consolidate, and simplify IT operations with the Engyro Product Connectors. Microsoft acquired Engyro back in 2007, and is now a wholly owned Microsoft subsidiary.

The Engyro Product Connector provides enterprises of all sizes with complete event sharing and event synchronization between Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (Ops Mgr) and other enterprise management tools. Most enterprises utilize best of breed tools to manage their networks, systems and applications. Management tools, typically focused on individual technologies within an IT environment, do not share eventing data well enough to permit cross-platform, business system level, correlation analysis. The Engyro Product Connector solves this problem and enables true business system level management.

Microsoft now provides the Engyro Product Connectors as a no cost addition for your Operations Manager 2007 environment via the following form.

Customers may obtain tech support for the connectors via Microsoft support, either through an existing Microsoft support contract or through your Microsoft sales person or local Microsoft office. Per incident support is also available by contacting Microsoft Incident Support in the States at +1 (800) 936-4900.

Self Service Support for the Engyro Product Connectors is available through the TechNet Connectors Newsgroup, where you you can review common problems and solutions and post questions to the OpsMgr community. You can also find more information on this and other Operations Manager releases on the Operations Manager blog.


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