Who’s tweeting what on Twitter? A few of my favourite recent tweets

Here are a few of my recent favourite tweets from others on Twitter.

A quick post between discussions: a few of my recent favourites tweets on Twitter (you can find more and assorted links on my twitter feed):

Aaron Massey screwdriver 1 in every 66 computers browsing web running Windows 7 and it hasn’t even released yet!! – http://bit.ly/HrK7B 

Microsoft Xbox 360 Microsoft_Xbox Protect yourself and your XBL account. Here are tips for Account Security on Xbox Live: http://bit.ly/14lAEv

Nick MacKechnie nickmackechnie shares this re-Tweet (aka RT) from RT @EverythingMS: "Microsoft Partners earn $8.70 for every $1.00 Microsoft earns – IDC study released — http://bit.ly/7tneq"

Ars Technica arstechnica Google tells employee: you can no longer be a Microsoft MVP – http://arst.ch/8j0

Chris Pirillo chrispirillo Microsoft warns about advance fee fraud and lottery scams. http://bit.ly/EL17Z [Common sense to fight common scams.]

Lance Ulanoff LanceUlanoff How Microsoft Will Lift Us Out Of the IT-Spending Dumps http://bit.ly/3vcjv Me: @johnbiggs may b right. Get ready 4 an IT upgrade explosion

              LanceUlanoff RT @mike_elgan: Here’s a nice vision of multi-touch on Windows 7. http://bit.ly/k8Xwt Me: And people wonder what they’ll do with multi-touch

The Windows Blog windowsblog Free Windows 7 Seminar with Mark Russinovich (and Friends): Have you ever wondered how Windows 7 resumes from s.. http://bit.ly/YpyZ8

Amanda Sena AmandaSena Interesting chart-shows more women use social media than men http://bit.ly/fHIAV

Springboard Series MSSpringboard Use Windows 7 to Manage Windows Server 2008 R2 Servers http://bit.ly/p9igp

              MSSpringboard Good read about User Account Control Data Redirection: http://bit.ly/TuKtM

              MSSpringboard Learn how to get the most out of your Windows Home Server’s capabilities: http://bit.ly/KAxsn

Engadget engadget HP Mini 311 reviewed with earnest, ION-enhanced affection http://bit.ly/3jCVb9

Ina Fried inafried Macs and PCs found shacking up. NPD finds more households have Macs, but lots of those homes also have a Windows PC. http://bit.ly/17MPAv


nytimes AT&T Reverses Policy on iPhone Internet Calls http://bit.ly/QVwTc

 wmexperts A chat with Microsoft about Windows Mobile 6.5 http://bit.ly/7IjRd

Mary Jo Foley maryjofoley Why MS claims it isn’t discouraged even though it has 246 apps in its Mobile store (vs. 85K for Apple): http://bit.ly/1cFmZA

mitchellashley mitchellashley Today’s blog post: Going Mobile – The Dawn of the "micro app" http://bit.ly/Rlr1N

              Also from mitchell: RT@HuntHenning: Microsoft considering making Zune services available to Apple users http://bit.ly/39DpxZ

Scott Hanselman shanselman blogged: How to Collaborate with Remote Employees with Office Communicator 2007 R2: Our business admini.. http://bit.ly/b92SQ

Slashdot slashdot Fans Come Together To Complete Star Wars Uncut http://bit.ly/We1iQ

Steve Case SteveCase Why Consumers Like New Products With a Familiar Ring http://bit.ly/3WFupo

              SteveCase The Power of Time Off – a TED talk video: http://bit.ly/3fQ9qI via @brainpicker

Calvin Lee mayhemstudios RT @cloud79: NPD: Mac owners are bigger gadget nerds than PC owners http://bit.ly/nJ0aI

Scott Lum scottlum New Blog Post: The Local Economic Benefits of the Global Software Business – Microsoft VP Pamela Passman http://bit.ly/IfP6B

MG Siegler parislemon Google: A Web Browser Is Not A Computer, Not A Search Engine, And Not A Ham Sandwich http://ff.im/-9kKYQ

Forbes.com Tech News ForbesTech Must-Have Skills For IT Leaders [Article by Arun Manansingh] http://cptlst.com/qnh9

Dare Obasanjo Carnage4Life How secretive is Apple? See http://j.mp/33fu7Y and http://bit.ly/jdnqH (read part about Purple 2)

Mark Relph mrelph RT @k_sasha: Nice. Canada listed fourth for quality of life by most recent UN study. I feel better already 🙂 http://bit.ly/UDYDM

              mrelph New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/ya2r4nd – The Canadian Crew Shows Off Cool Windows 7 Hardware…

              mrelph New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/ybyo9ld – Compatibility & Ecosystem Momentum For Windows 7

NYTimes Bits Blog nytimesbits The I Can Has Cheezburger empire–that’s the word the blog post uses, empire–has a new name to reflect its lolcat http://bit.ly/16KKW4

              nytimesbits Spending on Online Advertising Continues to Fall http://bit.ly/kssw2

Jesse P. Luna jesseluna RT @simonmainwaring: WIRED: Clive Thompson on How the Real-Time Web Is Leaving Google Behind. Interesting. http://bit.ly/oYZcn

JOHNABYRNE JohnAByrne BW’s Rob Hof’s latest blog post: "Google’s Scott Huffman: Many More Search Features Coming" http://bit.ly/3yhkx4

Tim Draper TimDraper Recommended Reading: The Way of the VC: Having Top Venture Capitalists on Your Board: http://tinyurl.com/wayoft.. http://bit.ly/1PysAA

CNET News.com CNETNews Is cloud computing the Hotel California of tech? http://bit.ly/11fkZN

              CNETNews Why CIOs are saying no to Macs http://bit.ly/4FXHfT

Guy Kawasaki GuyKawasaki 12 things I don’t see at most conferences http://om.ly/JPsO

Microsoft Microsoft Corp travel $ cut? LifeCams+Office Comms Server 2007 R2=F2F solution; enterprise multipack now avail http://bit.ly/3MnG8o ^SL

Microsoft Store MicrosoftStore Microsoft Store Italy (http://bit.ly/qSbt0) and Australia (http://bit.ly/XE2gr) have opened!

tyson crosbie tysoncrosbie Asperger syndrome in the office: How I deal with sensory integration dysfunction http://bit.ly/PPzqt #reader


And I’ll leave today with these:

Adam Koford apelad Forward thinking always comes back to haunt me.

Dare Obasanjo Carnage4Life loves when people who seem incapable of doing their jobs want to do mine as well. Twice the fail at half the price


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