Twitter: it’s more than people talking about themselves (well, maybe not ;). It’s a real resource.

Parking @ #BrickCon: $7. Coffee outside: $4 The line to get in the door? Endless, but worth it…


Interesting think about Twitter. It’s a social network that’s more than just a bunch of people talking about themselves, as Pam Baker noted in her article in TechNewsWorld

"To its detractors, Twitter is little more than a pipeline through which bores and narcissists flush their short, uninteresting brain droppings."

imageHmmm… perhaps.

I side more with Darren Rowse’s views on the benefits of Twitter (he’s the gent behind ProBlogger): it’s useful as a tool for networking and as a virtual water cooler.

In this case, overhearing what Frank was up to over the weekend answered a question we’d had at home the week prior: as it’s fall again, when the heck is that darned Lego expo?

As I noted on twitter this weekend, thanks to tweets from @frankarr, we were made of the Lego BrickCon down at the Seattle Centre. To us, this was an example of valuable information casually "overheard" in the Twitterverse from an individual I follow (in this case, usually more for the humour than the timely what-to-do-around-town information).

And without Twitter, we might’ve missed it.

Increasingly, Twitter is one of the initial stops I make in the morning after reading the news online, checking mail and my RSS fees. Sometimes whilst doing my email, with Twitter scrolling merrily along in the background. Several news providers tweet quite often and pulling up their list of recent tweets gives a quick view into what’s what.

Back to BrickCon.

More importantly, our boys, Max and CJ were able to get their hands on the last Spacetroopers (aka Halo) figures from the good folks at Brickforge. 

Of course, the real fun was when CJ was reminded that BrickCon was held at the same location as the Halo 3 ODST launch event. To which CJ asked: "Can I wear my costume again ?"

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