Going to Mix09 in Las Vegas? Check out my helpful hints on surviving tradeshows and finding restaurants in Las Vegas

As you may already know, Microsoft’s Mix09 Conference begins this week in Las Vegas. Yes, it’s true that researchers have determined that stress may cause the brain to become disconnected, but you don’t have to be disconnected at Mix09.

Once again, I was asked not once but twice today for I was asked today for a couple of restaurant recommendations, and with a tip of the hat to my old friends and definite foodies at Rogers (love Aureole), I offer a few tips for those heading off to Vegas this week for the event, recycling the bits in the blog post "Surviving CES in Las Vegas: A few helpful hints". 

Just substitute "Mix09" where you see CES. 😉

Must see’s: keynotes from the very dynamic speaker Scott Guthrie, the incomparable and passionate customer advocate Bill Buxton, the irrepressible Dean Hachamovich, design clarity from Deborah Adler, and many more speakers including…

And here are a few articles of interest that bring a little more colour to the Mix experience:

Everything you should know about MIX09 – Ars Technica. Emil Protalinski noted that "MIX09 may be in March, but we have the details on the conference for you a bit early." By Emil Protalinski | Last updated January 22, 2009…

"Always hosted in Las Vegas, MIX is an annual conference for developers, designers, and enthusiasts who are interested in discussing Microsoft’s latest web-oriented products and services. MIX09 will be the fourth chapter of MIX, held from March 18-20 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Scott Guthrie, corporate VP of Microsoft’s .NET Developer Division, will be making the two hour keynote speech on Wednesday at 9AM. This will be the only keynote at the conference, which is a bit surprising if you take into account that last year’s edition had two keynotes and five separate speakers."

What Windows Azure is… and isn’t – Ars Technica – "Ars learns a little more about Microsoft’s cloud computing Azure architecture thanks to a chat with Steven Martin, Microsoft’s senior director of Developer Platform Product Management. By Emil Protalinski | Last updated March 15, 2009 9:31 PM CT — "I recently had the opportunity to chat with Steven Martin, Microsoft’s senior director of Developer Platform Product Management. He’s responsible for developer technologies including Silverlight, .NET Services, Oslo, ASP.NET, IIS7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Azure. With MIX09 coming up later this week, we focused our discussion on the last one: Windows Azure, the hosted suite of services Microsoft revealed at PDC in October 2008. The Azure Services Platform is part of Microsoft’s cloud effort, which also includes Microsoft Online Services."

Microsoft Mix ’09: Fewer sheep to be thrown, more business apps shown | All about Microsoft |, Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 6:55 am, Mar 16, 2009 — "If you’re tired of Web 2.0 conferences where “Throw a Sheep” apps reign supreme, Microsoft’s Mix ‘09 might be a breath of fresh air. "Microsoft execs are on tap to talk up more of what’s coming in Silverlight 3, ASP.Net 4.0 and Expression Studio 3.0 at this week’s Las Vegas confab. A new Azure cloud-computing Community Technology Preview (CTP) also may be on tap. And many company watchers are expecting Microsoft to announce on Thursday during the morning Mix keynote that Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) is as done as it’s going to be and will be released to the Web. "But business uses of Microsoft’s Web-centric technologies are getting a surprising amount of attention at this year’s Mix. These sessions caught my eye…"

Microsoft to highlight Silverlight 3 technology | InfoWorld | News | 2009-03-16 | By Paul Krill – "Mix09 conference features developer and designer offerings from software giant By Paul Krill, March 16, 2009 — "Microsoft will tout at the Mix09 conference in Las Vegas this week its planned Silverlight 3 rich Internet application technology along with a host of other developer-related offerings, according to the conference Web site. "Other efforts to be pondered at the conference include the planned Visual Studio 2010 IDE, the Azure Services Platform for cloud computing and Expression Web, for building Web sites. "Mix09, which begins on Tuesday, is billed as an event for developers and designers, with an emphasis on Web development and design skills. While Microsoft representatives declined to comment on specific announcements planned for the event, an industry analyst focused on Microsoft said he anticipates news about Silverlight 3 as well as other developments from the company."

InternetNews Realtime IT News – Silverlight 3 to Headline MIX09 in Las Vegas – March 13, 2009 By Stuart J. Johnston – "At next week’s MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft officials plan show off the latest and greatest technologies and products for designers and website developers. "Near the top of the list will be the first public demonstration of Silverlight 3.0, Microsoft’s streaming media technology. Other likely featured technologies include Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and Windows 7. "The event, hosted at the glitzy Venetian resort, is in its fourth year."

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