Solved: Word Completion on the AT&T Fuze

I recently solved the Word Completion problem I was having on my AT&T Fuze (HTC Diamond).

I received a new phone from AT&T in late December and found that Word Completion was not working, even when selected in Settings>Input. I found that the phone is configured out of the box with Word Completion ‘off’ which I found annoying. The AT&T reps on campus and in Redmond had no idea what was wrong and swapped out my unit for a new phone as they were unable to fix the setting.  Same problem on that one, too.

But thanks to the wonder of Twitter and Live Search, I received an answer, and posting it here if any others are missing this ability, courtesy of

* After confirming that you have the box checked for “Suggest words when entering text” in the Word Completion tab found in Settings>Input.

* Open up a new email or text message.

* Go to the bottom of the screen and change your letter input method to Full QWERTY (using the down arrow next to the “pencil”, “keyboard” , etc. icon).

* In the bottom left hand corner of this Full QWERTY keyboard, just to the right of CAPS/shift button, is a button to toggle between T9 and ABC.

* Click the button and make sure that T9 appears below ABC. Apparently the opposite appears as a default setting.

* Switch back to Block Recognizer, Keyboard or Letter Recognizer and Word Completion should be active for you!, please explain: why doesn’t word completion or auto spell correction work out of the box on my AT&T HTC Diamond?

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Thanks, Dave – I hadn’t seen that solution, and will look at that as well.

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