PC World and the Washington Post noticed Microsoft Answers today

Microsoft Answers

As I posted earlier, the new Microsoft Answers beta kicked off this week.  And it looks like folks are noticing the new site, as noted in the this Washington Post article from Rick Broida of PC World.  Broida noted the new site "aims to clear up Vista’s mysteries–and invites you to do likewise."

"Sites like Askville and Yahoo Answers have long offered community-fed answers to many of life’s questions (technical and otherwise). Now Microsoft is getting in on the answers act with the aptly named Microsoft Answers.

"This new service is designed for a sole purpose: to address all your Vista OS-related questions. And the answers come not just from fellow users, but also from Microsoft support pros. In fact, according to the site, the "Microsoft Answers Team" has a dozen members just waiting to help out.

"I’m really pleased to see Microsoft offering any kind of human-staffed support forum, even if it is Vista-centric. My usual thought when I experience a Windows-related problem is, "Well, I’m on my own." It’s heartening to know Microsoft might actually be there for me for a change (though forum-based support is hardly the same as live technical support).

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