Reprising a past post on Being Thankful

This has been a light blogging month, between being struck with a vicious cough and busy at the office.  All this coupled with system failures at home (first the cable modem goes out) and expiring securing credentials keeps one off mail and the Internet.  Nothing compared with the economic crisis or the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

But it’s Thanksgiving, and we’re spending it with friends. I’m reminded of an past post, Of interest: Being Thankful, the Seattle P-I newspaper’s slide show on "Words of Thanks."

"What are you most thankful for? P-I photographer Meryl Schenker profiles six local residents who have different reasons for giving thanks on this holiday."

We’re thankful for many things, primarily for good health, family, and our community. 

And an additional link on how to help over the holidays from my previous hometown paper.

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