PC Magazine: “It’s all another reason why you’re better off with Vista.”

Going though customer and partner feedback today, I was interested to see this appear in my mailbox (thanks to the several people who forwarded this today), an excerpt from an article by Larry Seltzer on PC Magazine’s blog, Why Vista Looks Good After The MS08-067 RPC Bug – Security Watch

One of the lessons of the recent Windows RPC bug, the one that was fixed “out of band” a few weeks ago, didn’t get enough attention. It’s that Vista is so much more resilient than XP to the attack, and why. I believe that, on Vista, this vulnerability is almost impossible to exploit and nobody will try.

“When MS08-067 was released it was a shocker, the kind of vulnerability that, in the past, has led to widespread attacks. This hasn’t happened so far for a number of reasons. But I’ll wager that very few Vista systems anywhere in the world will be successfully attacked through this vulnerability, except maybe in hacker testing. It’s all another reason why you’re better off with Vista.”

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