Keep things in perspective: Time is a precious thing. Never waste it

As I Twittered, I’m now heading home after a long day (no, really). After days like today, I recalled this posting on the subject:

There are two stories that I have followed over the last few months and years, respectively, stories that make you think and put things into perspective.  When I drift into thinking that something is too hard or I think that I don’t have enough time, lately I’ve thought of these stories.

Given the recent untimely passing of Marc Olson from the Office team, old friends such as the truly irrepressible Christopher Bock and far too many others, I remind my kids (particularly my nine year old) that time is too precious to waste. 

Make the most of time: I often quote the throw-away line from Willy Wonka “Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.”

Have a good evening.


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