A badge of your very own: I’m a PC

Breaking for lunch, and so here’s a quick post with a little badge for those interested, given the feedback to my post last week on being a PC among other things. 😉

I'm a PC  I'm a PC  Life without Walls

Have you recorded your own clip yet?  As noted, I found that Steve Ballmer has.

And few insights and comments in response to Rob Pegoraro’s blog post last week on Microsoft’s new message.

This ad campaign certainly works in terms of getting people to talk about Microsoft — here I am writing about the ads, here you are reading about them. But unless this marketing message gets followed up by some concrete reasons to choose Windows over another operating system, I’m not sure if they’ll get people to follow up with their credit cards.

Apple’s “Think Different” campaign was largely gauzy idealism, but it was replaced by those “Switch” ads and, more recently, the “I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC” clips — most of which emphasize specific Apple advantages, like a Mac’s backup tools or multimedia capabilities.

What say you about Microsoft’s new marketing? And, of course: Are you a PC?

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