Good News: Brazil Defines Dates for Daylight Saving Time

Usually, when I receive news from Brazil on daylight saving time, it’s a request for an urgent hotfix or a response for a concerned customers. 

I Twittered that I was happy to get word today from our team in Brazil on major changes in the country.  The Brazilian Ministry of Energy has signed a decree that defines fixed dates for daylight saving time in Brazil.  My thanks to our team there for the news and their hard work.

This is a significant event: in the past, it was difficult to anticipate and plan for the DST dates in Brazil as the DST period was set only a short period of time ahead of the start date.

According to the details in the Ministry’s Decree number 6558 of September 8, 2008, DST there will start the third Sunday of October and end on the third Sunday of February of the following year.

This is a move that will benefit our customers and provide for a better overall experience.  Many countries recognize that time changes are critical and that long term planning benefits customers, partners and manufacturers worldwide. 

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