It’s more than iPods and iTunes: BusinessWeek on Dell’s effort to spur on the digital entertainment market

An old friend of mine, the irrepressible Tim Bucher, is in the news this week, as he’s preparing to go toe to toe, so to speak, with Apple’s supported ecosystem…

“Now Bucher is again squaring off against his former company. He’s spearheading an ambitious plan at Dell (DELL) to break Apple’s dominant hold on the digital entertainment market. He won’t challenge Apple head on, with iPod knockoffs or a Dell version of the iTunes music store. Instead, Bucher’s 120-person team is trying to create a potent alliance among Apple’s many rivals, from cell-phone makers and record labels to online music sites.

Tim is one of those guys who digs in and does well at whatever he’s got in his sights, whether it’s taking on the established digital entertainment market (as he did last with Zing many other efforts) or mastering wine making (as noted here, complete with video).

Read more in the BusinessWeek article, “Dell vs. Apple: Why It May Be Personal.”

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