The Times’ Practical Mac guys and their cool iPhone apps

Echoing the Computerworld post of 11 cool new apps for the iPhone, and my stab at similar Windows Mobile apps, the venerable Seattle Times has an article by Jeff Carlson discussing iPhone applications in his practical Mac column. (As noted on the site, Carlson and Glenn Fleishman are responsible for the ‘Practical Mac’ column.)

“The [iPhone] applications run the spectrum from simple tip calculators to games of all stripes. Here are a few broad categories that I think are important, with selected application examples. All of the ones mentioned here are free unless otherwise noted.”

Although not completely original, Carlson notes FileMagnet ($4.99) which allows iPhone users to utilize their phone as a storage device, accessible over Wi-Fi.  From the looks of it, I’d like to see something this slick for Windows Mobile phones.

He also called out BattleAtSea ($4.99), then nice iPhone rendition of the classic Battleship game, playable over the network.  Of course, there are various versions of Battleship like this one ($14.99) and a version from astraware ($19.99) available for multiple portable form factors.  I’ve also seen free versions of Battleship available (and this one on but I haven’t seen a recent version posted.

And the article in The Times notes PhoneSaber which “the 7-year-old Star Wars fan in me says you need to check it out.”

Also of interest: Laptop Magazine’s affectionately named article ‘Windows Mobile Smart Phones That Don’t Suck and Some that Do

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