Windows Home Server DIY: Borg Cube (too much)

I admit it… for a while after dogfooding the systemHP in an old, spare PC, I thought for a while that I would build a custom, low-power Windows Home Server.  But, as I looked at the time involved, the appeal of the HP MediaSmart Home Server was too great, so we took the plunge and moved to the little darling into our home.

But I originally thought of another form factor, much to my wife’s chagrin: a Borg cube.

Been done, with great attention to detail:

“The plans for an extra PC, functioning as a router, firewall and download-machine were made long before I got the idea to make the Borg Cube. I first intended to use a small midi case (A-Open H340B) with a Via EPIA-M 933Mhz chipset and 256MB RAM memory. After having put it all together, I was not really satisfied with the way it looked. It looked kinda boring to me, and that’s when I got the idea to build a case myself.

Not that the design wouldn’t make a great coffee table… đŸ˜‰

More on Casejunkies (in Dutch, I believe) and Athenæum

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