No Safari option for me on Apple Software Update

It’s a busy season, and it’s taken a toll on my ability to post this week.  But a canceled meeting and I pop up my head for lunch as well as a look at the RSS feed for news…

So, it’s interesting to note the news today: looks like the mood changed at Apple related to Safari (pushed to customers without Safari initially installed) on Apple’s Software Update.  I found that in a ping from Apple Software Update today (in support of my QuickTime installation), I’m no longer offered Safari.  See Live Search News for more today…

After complaints, Apple tweaks Software Update for Safari

Following a storm of criticism, Apple has changed its Software Update software to mark a distinction between new programs, such as its Safari on Windows browser, and updates to existing ones.

Now, Apple’s Software Update has two separate boxes, one labeled “New Software” and the other labeled “Updates.” Before Safari 3.1 was under the “Updates” box and there was no “New Software” heading.

An Apple representative told Computerworld that the change was done to distinguish new software from updates but declined to say whether it was in response to criticisms or whether Apple may leave the “New Software” box unchecked, as Mozilla’s Dotzler suggested.

MacNN also noted the change, saying that this move of releasing a new version of Apple Software Update utility for Windows to v2.1 “addresses an earlier policy of Apple, under which Safari 3.1 would be pushed to Windows users whether they wanted it or not, as if they had already downloaded the application previously. Some have accused Apple of trying to artificially improve the distribution of the Safari web browser in the Windows sphere.”

Of course, I’m still offered to install “QuickTime+iTunes” even though I don’t have iTunes installed. 😉

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