Friday Link: Fox’s 10 Best Super Bowl commercials

It’s the return of my Friday Link faourite, a humourous URL of the week for Friday viewing. 

But on a Saturday. 😉

Fox Sports lists their 10 favourite Super Bowl commercials...

“Super Bowl XLII will go down in history as a classic — for the nail-biting finish, for the enormity of the upset, for the history that didn’t happen.

“But what of Sunday’s “other” big story, the Super Bowl commercials? We saw everything from talking babies to 330-pound jockeys to internal organs giving two weeks’ notice. Which did you like? Which did you hate?

“We offer you our version of the 10 best and 10 worst commercials of Super Bowl XLII. Here are the 10 best …”

Bridgestone: Screamin' squirrelBut I can’t believe that Bridgestone’s Screamin’ squirrel did not make the cut. But then anthropomorphic animals are a sure laugh in my book.  And our kids watched this one not once but several times, so I include the link for their future enjoyment.  (I even had to download it to their Zunes…)

Enjoy your weekend.

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