Intel’s Paul Otellini keynote at CES, videos and all

CNET’s CES 2008 coverage in Las Vegas has an article covering today’s keynote.  Otellini CES

In it, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said that in the future, the Internet will provide more than you get today, providing “the information you want, when you want it, how you want, wherever you are.”

“To illustrate this transformation [of using the Internet], Otellini preceded his speech by a video take-off of Video Killed the Radio Star. In Intel’s version, the Internet is hailed as killing off compact discs, film cameras, and numerous other technologies.

“However, such change will not happen unless four obstacles are overcome, Otellini cautioned. Silicon needs to become more powerful and energy efficient; broadband access needs to be ubiquitous; the Internet needs to be infused with a sense of context; and user interfaces need to be more natural. He exhorted the audience members to take on the challenge of overcoming those hurdles.”

Otellini also had a demo of the new Canmore chip, a SOC: that is, complete system on a chip, due out in late 2008, as noted at the Intel Developer Conference last fall, noted here on engadget

In SOCs you see a marrying of the power and performance of a computer processor coupled with improved multimedia processing power.  Targeted for use in consumer electronics such as personal media players, set-top boxes, televisions, the difference is that Canmore can support that it’s stronger/ better/ faster: it supports integrated 3D graphics with full 1080p video output video, and integrated 7.1 surround sound.

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