Windows Vista and Windows Live videos… on YouTube

This is too much… Duncan Riley on TechCrunch reports that Microsoft marketing is using YouTube To promote Vista & Live, and left page comments open.

“The content itself isn’t all that exciting, but they do demonstrate various positive aspects of Vista and Live that viewers may not be aware of. The more interesting aspect is that Microsoft would use the Google owned YouTube for such as promotion; it certainly demonstrates just how powerful the market position of YouTube has become over the last 2 years that Microsoft would use it to promote their products.”

imageHere is WindowsVistaAndLive’s YouTube channel, with a link to their main page of video clips… joining the service less than a week prior to Christmas.

One of the most popular clips is on Sharing Slideshows on the web via Windows Live Spaces… with approximately 380,600 views at last count…. I would’ve thought that the most popular would have been on sharing photos on the web.

Not just interesting for the video clips, the comments are an interesting read.

imageOf note: many of the videos featured are available in higher resolution on the Microsoft site for Windows Vista plus Windows Live site… available off of the Windows Vista home page.

Perhaps the person (or persons) behind WindowsVistaAndLive will also be posting responses to some of the comments as well. 😉

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My personal favorite comment is by erny18:

"windows vista sucks. dont get it if you havnt gotten it. stay with xp because if you dont already know, if your on the internet on vista, microsoft and the usa government monitors the sites you go on. you also cant play some online games. "

However, I didn’t have time to read all the well formulated comments. So, there could be betters ones I just didn’t have enough time to see.

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