Article: Holiday customer service from the service workers point of view

This weekend finds an article by Nicole Tsong in the Seattle Times, Help them help you: Service workers offer some “counter intelligence.” It offers views of outrageous customer behavior during holiday shopping from the viewpoint of the people “who work the cash register.”

“Grocery-store cashier Jennifer Dougherty once watched, horrified, as a customer grew angry at a man in her express lane with twice as many items as allowed. It was Christmas Eve.

“Before you know it, [he] had opened up his milk and dumped it on the head of the guy in my line,” she said. “It ruined many people’s Christmas spirit, including my own.”

Ouch.  Tough crowd.  Overall, another reason for shopping via the Internet.

According to the article, here are the Top 10 ways you can help out your service worker:

1. Get off your cellphone.

2. Be polite.

3. Don’t fuss with displays more than necessary.

4. Don’t blame them for prices.

5. Don’t use the bathroom while calling customer service.

6. Put the money or credit card in their hand.

7. Respect other shoppers.

8. If you’re taking care of something while you’re on hold during phone support, make it quick.

9. Tip.

10. Get off your cellphone.

You can also contribute your own “Dear customer messages.”

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